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June 2, 2009: I would like to see a revival and extension of the FEA RMO work that GSA, TopQuadrant, and others supported that gave us ontologies of the first four FEA Reference Models and, as I recall, some initial linking of those to some DoD and FAA reference models expressed in OWL as well. This was the beginning of federating EA artifacts using what is now called the open linked data approach in the Semantic Web. Lets revive and build on the work at

This would also seem to fit well with the OMB/OMG Collaboration Agenda: The President’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has been working with the OMG for several years. The OMB brought the Federal Transition Framework to the OMG and successfully defined an interchange standard using OMG’s Model Driven Architecture approach. Over the last year the collaboration has turned to the Metamodel for Federal Segment Architecture (MFSA). MFSA originally was begun to support the Federal Segment Architecture Reporting Template; however, it became clear that a larger view is necessary. There are overlapping semantics in a number of areas in the OMB: Segment Architecture, Federal Transition Framework, OMB 300, Exhibit 53, and the Consolidated Reference Models. These pieces have been defined separately and differences in interpretations and details have occurred. This effort is intended to bring all of these pieces under a single semantic umbrella where they overlap.



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